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Lucky Around is one of the best stuffed animals and plush toys companies in China. We often bring you some new designs, concepts and popular trends, which inspire you sometimes. Of course, we manage and manufacture custom orders according to your needs. Lucky Around team is professional in design, sampling, manufacturing, shipping and services.

Plush toys factory

Plush Toys Factory


Small Fox stuffed Animal

Some of the fox stuffed animals are highly realistic, others are adorable plush foxes with sparkle eyes, and others are completely unrealistic but super fun imaginings of foxes.

100% Recycled Range

Environmental friendly toys are made and stuffed with 100% recycled polyester from recyce plastic bottles. They are weighted with recycled glass beads. Douglas Company starts with the Eco friendly product collection in 2020. Consumers of aquariums, zoos, parks, tourist destinations and online shops are seeking 100% recycled range. More and more brands design Eco friendly collections this year. Now our fabric and stuffing suppliers have already got the GRS (Global Recycle Standard) certifications to support the great sustainable market.

Custom Plush Toys Made With Style

We specialize in stuffed animals & plush toys. We can create anything from animals to characters to anything your mind can conceive of!

  • Dog, cat, wild animals, farm animals, ocean animals, fruits, vegetables, mascot, brands, logos, book characters, drawing, anime, cartoon, art, letters, tools, etc. 
  • Stuffed toys, pillow, keychain, rattle, backpack, coin bag, plush tail, squish toy, pet clothing, hand puppet, finger puppet, blanket, fridge magnets, doll, stuffed toy with sound chip, accessories, etc.
Panda Plush

Panda Plush Backpack

Cartoon Characters Plush

Cartoon Characters Plush Toy

Green Stufffed Dinosar

Green Stufffed Dinosar Animal

Brown Horse Stuffed

Brown Horse Stuffed Animals

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