Soft Toy Making Process

The following picture and texts will show you how are stuffed animals made in a factory.

soft toy making
  • Purchasing Fabrics & Packing Materials 

    Once the order is confirmed, the first step of mass production is purchasing fabrics and packing materials. The fabrics will be handed over to our purchasing department. Our sales team will send you the layout of the label, hangtag, shipping marks. You need to confirm the layout of the packaging materials with the sales. The purchase will be made at the same time. For example, if you confirm the label, we immediately purchase the label, and if you confirm the polybag, we immediately purchase the polybag with the supplier. We don’t wait until all the layouts are confirmed and then purchase in once.

  • Confirm PP Samples

    Once we received the fabrics, because of elastic of different batch fabric, we will make PPS (PP samples) to make sure the size correct. We usually send PPS photos to you for confirmation, unless you specifically request to receive actual PPS. Physical PPS cost courier fees and time. Sometimes the confirmation time is too long and will affect the progress the mass production. Don’t worry. We will ask you about this in advance and adjust the shipment time accordingly.

  • Cutting

    After getting your approval of PPS, we utilize laser cutters, punching, and ironing equipment to cut fabrics into pieces. Different methods are required for the patterns. If needed, a part of fabric pieces will have embroidery or printing accordingly.

  • Sewing

    Fabric pieces are sewed from inside to create the shapes step by step based on the patterns.

  • Fixing Plastic eyes & nose

    The plastic eyes and nose are carried out with air press. The next step is a hot-melt process to make sure that the plastic eyes and nose won’t be pulled out.

  • Stuffing

    The toys use automatically with cotton-filling machines and manually insert cotton in specific toys. During this process, the workers need to check the weight and softness one by one.

  • Finishing

    Sewing the plush toys completely. Sometimes, the longer piles are sewed into the seams. The workers use a brush to pull the plies out. The workers also need to sort out the toys into good shape. This process including lots of details related to the shape of a plush toy. For example, for a sitting plush dog, the workers should adjust the stuffing and make it sit well.

  • QC & Cleaning

    Actually, the QC takes parts in the whole manufacturing. When they find any problems, the workers can adjust in time. The cleaning is mainly cleans the surface of floating plies and fabrics.

  • Metal Detecting

    This is one of the most important steps. Using a machine to make sure all the toys are safe without needles and metal.

  • Packing

    The worker will package the mass production as your requests in order: hangtag, display box, polybag, carton, etc.

  • Inspection

    The sales team will have a final inspection. They will send the photos to you for shipment approval.

What you need to do during the manufacturing process?

In the whole process of mass production, you need to confirm the layout of packing materials, PPS, inspection photos. Of course, the specific order may have some differences, but the most basic process is this.

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