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Lucky Around (belongs to QINGDAO DAYANG HANDICRAFT CO., LTD) is a professional soft toys manufacturer in China. We manufacture a wide type of soft toys, including stuffed animals, plush toys, dolls, pillows, etc. According to your requirements, we created custom teddy bears to characters.

Our soft toys factory is located in Shandong province Qingdao city, which is half an hour distance from Liuting Airport. We have more than 40 employees and make bulk production 30,000-60,000pcs per month.

Based on high quality and positive customer feedback all the way along, Lucky Around is proud to be your resource for all kinds of soft toy items. We’re confident to be your prior soft toys supplier to help you earn the most from the market.

Our Story

Lucky Around is created in 2020 by Lynn who has been in the soft toys industry for over ten years. She took part in lots of projects with different companies, such as Vancouver Aquarium, Pandaloon, SPCA, Mollitoys, Keel Toys, Pairi Daiza, etc. Traditional, modern, popular and classic product styles, the selection of various fabrics, the toy safety standard, and the potential issues are well understood. That leads our sales members can get your needs more quickly.

“As a member of soft toys manufacturer, experience is a basic requirement for a manufacturer of soft toys. The most important thing is to sense the changes in the market and take action.” Lynn said. With the gradual enactment of environmental policies reducing plastics in more and more countries, we have found suppliers who can supply Eco-friendly materials. The fact of the industry is that most of the plush toys factories have high MOQ, at least 1000pcs per style, which is not friendly for the ones who need less quantity. Instead, we can offer flexible and lower MOQs to these buyers. We also display the products in stock so that you can wholesale them according to your needs. Both kids and adults have a natural sense of closeness to soft toys. Some personal users want unique soft toys. We propose the Just Buy One custom service. We offer product consulting and customized product services to support people who want to know more about soft toys.

We believe that the market and clients’ needs are constantly changing, and what we can do is continuously improve our own service. We can support you get your dreamed soft toys with custom designs. We are more than happy to grow with you.

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Our clients include:

  • Distributor
  • Wholesaler
  • Retailer
  • Brand owners
  • Person (children, adults, freelancers, artists, etc)
  • Park & Zoo
  • Organizations (Pet, Ocean)
  • Shop (book shop, gifts shop, airport shop, etc)
  • Educational organization (school)
  • Amazon seller (We don’t have any Amazon shops.)
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What Is The Making Process of Soft Toy Production?

Lucky Around soft toy factory has a complete production line from cutting, sewing, stuffing, finishing, packing and QC. 

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  • Gumiaotou Industrial Park, Chengyang District, Qingdao, Shandong, China.